Figma Plugins For WordPress Designers

Figma is a versatile design tool that has gained popularity among WordPress designers for its collaborative features and extensibility through plugins. These plugins can significantly enhance your design workflow for WordPress projects. In this article, we’ll explore some Figma plugins that are particularly useful for WordPress designers.


Figmify is a comprehensive Figma plugin designed for WordPress designers. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  • WordPress Export: Easily export your Figma designs as WordPress-ready HTML and CSS.
  • Typography Styles: Manage typography styles and generate CSS code for WordPress themes.
  • Image Optimization: Optimize images for web use, ensuring faster loading times.
  • Page Builder Compatibility: Ensure that your designs are compatible with popular WordPress page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

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CSS Scan

CSS Scan allows you to inspect and copy CSS styles from any website or Figma design. This is particularly helpful when you need to replicate styles from an existing WordPress website or use styles from your design directly in your WordPress theme.


Zeplin is a bridge between your Figma designs and WordPress development. While not a Figma plugin, Zeplin enables you to export designs from Figma and generate code snippets and assets for your WordPress project. It streamlines the design-to-development handoff process.

Figma to WordPress by Anima

Figma to WordPress is a plugin by Anima that simplifies the conversion of Figma designs into WordPress code. It supports dynamic content, responsive design, and is compatible with popular WordPress page builders like Visual Composer and Divi.

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Content Reel

Content Reel is a content management plugin for Figma. It allows you to populate your design with real content, making it easier to visualize your WordPress layouts with actual text and images.


The Unsplash plugin in Figma grants you access to a vast library of high-quality, free-to-use images directly within your design canvas. This is particularly useful for WordPress designers who need to incorporate images into their designs or content.


Stark is an accessibility-focused plugin for Figma. It checks your design for color contrast and other accessibility issues, ensuring that your WordPress website meets accessibility standards.

WordPress Icon Library

Access a comprehensive library of WordPress-related icons within Figma. This plugin offers a wide selection of icons that are commonly used in WordPress projects, making it easy to incorporate them into your designs.

Type Scale

Type Scale helps you maintain consistent typography in your WordPress designs. It generates font sizes and line heights based on a modular scale, ensuring that your typography looks great and is easily translatable to your WordPress theme.

HTML to Figma

This plugin allows you to import HTML and CSS from a live website into Figma. It’s useful for WordPress designers who want to analyze or reference existing websites when designing new WordPress themes.

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These Figma plugins can significantly improve your efficiency as a WordPress designer. They streamline design-to-development workflows, aid in content creation, and ensure that your designs are accessible and visually appealing. Incorporating these plugins into your Figma design process can help you create high-quality WordPress themes and websites more effectively.

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